April 2019
Emily's collaborative paper with Amie Boal's lab is published in ChemBioChem! The paper uses biochemistry and x-ray crystallography to probe the redox consequences of the presence of different lanthanides in the lanthanide-dependent methanol dehydrogenase. Congratulations, Emily!

March 2019
Joey and Jackson's lanthanide sensor paper is featured in a JACS Spotlight and in a Penn State news article.

February 2019
Our paper describing a genetically encoded fluorescent sensor for rare earth elements and its uses to probe the mechanism of lanthanide acquisition in bacteria is accepted in JACS! Congratulations to Joey and Jackson!

January 2019
Our work on lanmodulin is featured in Nature Chemical Biology!

November 2018
Our work on lanmodulin is featured in a C&E News article!
We welcome two new graduate students to the lab: Paoning Chong and Jonathan Tirsch!

October 2018
Joey gives a seminar at Juniata College.

October 2018
The Cotruvo lab's first two papers have been accepted, to JACS and Biochemistry! The papers describe the discovery and biochemical and structural characterization of a highly selective, high-affinity lanthanide-binding protein, "lanmodulin." Congratulations to Emily, Joey, and Jackson!

September 2018
Nathan Brittin '20 has joined the lab - welcome!

August 2018
The Cotruvo lab is awarded its first grant, from the Charles E. Kaufman Foundation! The grant supports our work to develop sensors to probe metal homeostasis in pathogenic bacteria.

June 2018
We welcome two new undergrads to the lab - Eddie Issertell '21 and Anish Ari '21!

February 2018
We welcome a new undergraduate researcher, Hailee Strom '19, to the lab!

November 2017
We welcome three new graduate students to the lab: Emily Featherston, Joseph Mattocks, and Jennifer Park!

September 2017
Jackson Ho, a 2016 graduate of Penn State, has joined the lab.

August 2017
We welcome Emma Gogarnoiu '19, a chemistry major, to the lab!

May 2017
Nicholas Young '19, a chemistry major and BMB minor, has joined the lab. Welcome, Nick! We also welcome Claire Overly, an NSF REU student, for the summer.

April 2017
Joey gives a seminar at Ursinus College.

March 2017
Jian is awarded a Pennsylvania Space Grant Consortium fellowship. Congratulations, Jian!

February 2017
We welcome our first undergraduate student, Megan Menzel '20. Megan is a prospective chemical engineering major.

November 2016
The Cotruvo lab welcomes its first graduate student, Jiansong Xu. Jian did his undergrad at the University of California, Berkeley.

April 2016
The Cotruvo lab will be starting at Penn State in July 2016!